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Saliva and Oral Health

Spit Speaks: How saliva can help YOU practice prevention

Presented by Erinne Kennedy DMD, MPH, MMSc

Practicing oral prevention continues to shift upstream with research, innovation, and practice aligning on new approaches to preventing disease. In this webinar, we discuss how the saliva and oral microbiome is the starting point for preventing disease. By critically evaluating patients using saliva analysis, we understand how to use saliva to change communication in your office, prevent disease, and have your patient population achieve oral wellness.

Goober’s or Gold? What can saliva say about you?

Presented by Erinne Kennedy DMD, MPH, MMSc

There are so many things we don’t understand about oral disease. Saliva is a starting point to understanding why patients are healthy and why they are not. It gives us an objective roadmap of how to take them from disease to health.

Transmission: The Nut Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

Presented by Erinne Kennedy DMD, MPH, MMSc

Over the last century, researchers uncovered the idea that bacteria causing tooth decay can be transferred vertically from mother or caregiver to child as well as horizontally between groups of people. Using the SillHa Oral Wellness System, this webinar will review cases to identify similarities between saliva data and disease presentation of families as well as discuss innovative strategies for families to prevent tooth decay.

Care-iology: How to “care” for your patient’s saliva!

Presented by Erinne Kennedy DMD, MPH, MMSc

Practice care-iology by identifying 7 salivary indicators to care for patient’s oral health, apply chairside screening to assess caries risk and support healthy patient behaviors, and critically appraise patient cases and innovative preventative treatment options for reducing caries risk.

Ammonia: Health Never Smelled So Bad!

Presented by Erinne Kennedy DMD, MPH, MMSc

There are two types of bacteria that can grow inside your mouth: commensal or pathogenic bacteria. When reducing caries and periodontal disease, it is important to understand how we can help commensal bacteria flourish in the oral cavity. Ammonia is a great marker of how much healthy bacteria is growing in your mouth. In this webinar, you will learn more about measuring ammonia in saliva and what that means for your patients.

Litmus Test: How Can We Tell If You Are Well?

Presented by Erinne Kennedy DMD, MPH, MMSc

Literature suggests that when patients have an acidic mouth, or acidic saliva, they are at a higher risk for caries. In this webinar, we will explore how we can measure acidity in a patient’s mouth, and their ability to bounce back after an acidic attack (buffer capacity).

Saliva and Integrative Medicine

Salivary pH as a Marker of Systemic Inflammation

Presented by Rachaele Carver DMD, NMD, CHC, AIAOMT

Salivary pH reflects overall body acidity. Dr. Carver discusses potential causes of systemic acidity and strategies to address to decrease inflammation.

Using Saliva and Biological Dental Methods to Assess and Treat Oral-Systemic Disease

Presented by Rachaele Carver DMD, NMD, CHC, AIAOMT

How can using saliva and biological dental methods help assess and treat oral-systemic disease? This webinar will discuss basic information about eight markers found in saliva and what they mean for oral health.

A trick or “achoo” for preventing caries in patients with allergies and asthma

Presented by Erinne Kennedy DMD, MPH, MMSc

Understand how a patient’s saliva is affected by not only having allergies and asthma but also the medications used to treat those diseases. Are patients with allergies and asthma more prone to tooth decay?

Tooth Decay and Diabetes: A Connection We Cannot Forget!

Presented by Erinne Kennedy DMD, MPH, MMSc

In addition to periodontal disease, tooth decay is connected to systemic conditions such as diabetes mellitus. Using chairside screening, this webinar will discuss how to understand the relationship between tooth decay and diabetes. By critically evaluating patient cases, we will discuss ways in which we can achieve oral wellness.

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