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Tablet of a Clinical Assessment Example

Use these videos to learn how to set-up and use your new SillHa Oral Wellness System.

SillHa Oral Wellness System - User Operating Videos

Unpacking the SillHa System
Play Video about Unpacking the SillHa System

Unpacking the SillHa System and Setup

Installing SillHa Software
Play Video about Installing SillHa Software

Installing SillHa Software

Performing SillHa Saliva Analysis
Play Video about Performing SillHa Saliva Analysis

Performing a SillHa Saliva Analysis

Viewing mySaliva
Play Video about Viewing mySaliva

Viewing mySaliva✔® Results Report

Editing Potential causes
Play Video about Editing Potential causes

Editing ‘Potential causes’ comments on the mySaliva✔® Results Report

SillHa Cleaning
Play Video about SillHa Cleaning

SillHa Cleaning and Speed Adjustment Maintenance

Performing Check Measurement
Play Video about Performing Check Measurement

Performing a Check Measurement

SillHa Oral Wellness System - Manual & Guide

Quick Reference Guide

Operating Manual